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The crotch area of a female as a whole. Not singling out the snatch or the asshole.
Tom: This girl just text me a pic!!
Ricky: Of her snatch?
Tom: No man! I got the whole thing, I got the snasshole dude!
Ricky: That's awesome!
by AH0828 April 28, 2011
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snasshole is the formal name for a snassy. both kinds of people are dangerous because they are likened to the breed of human called tassy. never eat anything prepared by a tassy because it is def tassified.

a snasshole will steal your money and wordly possessions for his own. they prey on the elderly & take their money.
1. as a snasshole, i never made much of my life. i'm a complete failure, so going after estates is my snassy forte.

2. a tassy may have dirty hands from not bathing. my hands are unclean because i'm a theif
by SNOBBIN June 09, 2012
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The snatch and asshole of a chick being one general region; often from appearing as blown-out.
Bob: Did you fuck Sharon last night?
John: No, I couldn't bring myself to do it man.
Bob: Why not, she fucking hot?
John: No dude, it's way blown out! Both ends! The bitch got serious Snasshole!
by Phelyx75 February 24, 2009
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