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Smelly Nasty Ass. Chronic Shart Disease.
Your snass is making this house unbearable to live in.
by cohowap April 16, 2009
pieces of snactch and ass crusties
i picked up a pair of old granny panties with snass crusties all through it!
by 88getbigger88 January 23, 2012
Snassy: an adjective to describe someone who is 'sassy' and has the quality of making people habitually say 'oh snap'.
Snass: A quality that is basically sass but read the top one first so I don't have to explain myself anymore.
Derived from:
When you meant to say 'oh snap' or 'I've got sass' and the two became one. Snass.
Gerard Way: 'I'm so snassy.'
Frank Iero: 'Oh Snass, guuurl! You got that right!'
by L's Idiot Apprentice October 01, 2012
A verb, noun, pretty much anything. however it usualy is used for as modifier to other words. very often used in place of a swear word, or love word.
I snassing love you, you snassin snass.

more simply snass this bro.
she's got my snass what can i say?
by Bryan Racine September 09, 2004
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