To snartch is a state of mind, reframing the obvious, to talk with conviction about things you know nothing about, to grouse and nit-pick or to find fault with. A snartcher feels entitled and mandated by a higher-power to tell it like it is or like it should be. Without apology, Snartches view their world as a source of constant amusement and seek out the jack-asses that continue to amaze them.
"I wish Danny would quit talking." Jennifer, snartched to herself. "Not only does he have halitosis but his front teeth are missing too, I can’t wait to snartch about this later with Bob!!”
by December 21, 2009
Top Definition
Too creepily ogle at hot women in a public environment, like a mall, gym, or Target.
Is Bob going to meet us for lunch? No he is going to go snartch around the food court at the Mall.
by farmertime November 14, 2013
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