One of the sexiest, most powerful and intelligent men alive today. He was a professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, teaching to many but tolerated by few. The debate on which side he belongs to (good or evil?) rages around alot, but many are calmed for the worse as he murders Headmaster Dumbledore.
Snape is currently in love with one girl only, and she loves him right back.
Girl 1- He's so mean!
Girl 2- Snape?
Girl 1- Yeah. But it's a little hot. :P
Girl 3- Be careful; he's not on the market. Too bad though. :(
Snape's Girl- Yeah, sorry guys. He's mine. <3
by Snape's Girl <3 November 11, 2006
A diseasous organism clearly visable to the human eye, caution generally clings on to the anal passage and can be identified by it's form.
Form includes a pile like basis that is the main source of both illness and weakness,
Multiple snake like tenatcles that flail in distortion causing painfull passage scars, and finally snapes includes , ilke its conterpart meaning, a sticky immovable liquid flows from them to around your ass crack, preventing you from removing them.
Its practically to release a butt goblin whilst these are clinging on to your ass, but have no fe3ar to remove these all you have to do is attempt to sit on a nail whilst jossling ol pogo at the same time.(Simultaneously.)
Ooh crap! i sat on my snapes again... oh wait there attatching themselves to the chair.
Let go!
Some one help please get the screwdriver Now!
by Anonymous D: July 05, 2011
Verb: to tell a very repulsive story very loud so that random strangers can overhear. Works best at college campuses.
"Yo dude, watch this snape on these girls..."

"Lat night Jill was givin me head and I pulled out and blasted her in the face"

group of girls walking by: *eyes get wide and show signs of disgust* "What's your problem!?"
by IMSODAMNAWESOME February 24, 2010
A charecter in the famous book Harry Potter who's movie adeptation looks alot like Trent Reznor.
NIN Fan:Wait just a fuckin' second...He looks exactly like Trent Reznor!
by Blistien Zepp November 26, 2005
The unpleasant, greasy-headed potions professor from the Harry Potter series. He is a major douche to Harry, mainly because he was madly in love with Harry's mother, but due to his own screw-up, she wound up hating him, loving his enemy, having a child with his enemy, then dying.

Basically, Snape is cranky because of his lack of a sex life, and Harry is a living reminder of the fact that his enemy had a sex life and he did not.
Snape-"Detention, Potter! And a hundred fifty thousand points from Gryffindor!"

Harry-"You know what? You're jealous of my dead father, you so rarely see the sun that your skin gives off its own glow, and you clearly haven't showered in a decade, because I could literally wring a gallon of oil out of your hair. I honestly can't think of anything more pathetic."
by 123squanto February 16, 2011
Noun. Forced cuddling in the morning, aka "Snuggle Rape."
Yesterday morning my girlfriend tried to snape me. It was horrible.
by Snaper October 17, 2006
snaped, snapeing - a verb used to describe the act of harassing a person either physically or mentally.

She totally snaped his ass!
He got fed up and snaped him up.
by KaDonk & Jew Girl March 28, 2008
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