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When a friend or trusted ally betrays or kills someone.

See: Snape Kills Dumbledore
1. Oh man, Dumbledore just got snape'd!

2. Dick just got snape'd in the back by Jane!
by The Reaper January 23, 2006
Someone who tricks people into thinking they are bad but he or she is actually a good, kind person.
The boy snaped us by bullying the little kid but then we saw him helping an elderly woman across the street.
by dancer2012 November 15, 2011
A way of saying you're high. It's not very common to be heard around, but for the few who constantly blaze, they will more likely know what it means.
Boy: Dude! I am snaped out of my mind right now!
Boy 2: That's great, i was snaped earlier, but its worn off
by alexandah May 05, 2010
Getting raped by someone with a liking to Professor Snape from Harry Potter or someone with a very large nose and/or no sense of hygiene.
Casie: "Gross, i just got Snaped! I think i'll go take a shower now..."
by sixfingerednigel January 28, 2012

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