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Bad Southern Rap and Rappers.
Bad Southern Rappers who make music with the same beat and commonly goes with a stupid posing dance to go along with it.Enjoyed by retards and 13-16 year of the easiest way to make fast cash and small time fame without a education. and contribute to the murder of hip-hop.
Soulja boy off in this oh
watch me crank it, watch me roll
watch me crank that Soulja boy
then Superman that oh

Snap Crap
by Your Momma's Weed March 11, 2009
Super boring pics sent through the SnapChat application.
I am so tired of Max's snap crap blowing up my phone!
by erinsky1345 February 26, 2014
The action of snapchatting some one while on the toilet; sending someone a picture of you shit
Person 1 "You dude why where you snapcraping me last night"
Person 2 "I just wanted you to see the size of my deuce"
by user1665 April 10, 2015
the act of sending a snapchat of the poop you have just made to a friend in the hopes of making their morning a little brighter.
dave: I just got a snap from jim
mark: its probably a snap crap, he just left his desk 5 minutes age.
dave: (opens snap) Damn! thats a solid push, at least 8 inches!
by zimplr January 11, 2016
When you are snapchatting on the toilet while pooping. The snaps you send are call "snap craps"
I sent my friend a snap crap this morning
by queenlady June 02, 2015

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