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Somebody who cuts in front of your line while snowboarding/skateboarding/etc. The biggest asshole in the world.
While riding up to the second table, Jimmy is cut off by the slowest skier in the world, who's idea for fun is to ride off the lip of table tops and land several milliseconds later, only to fall several feet from the knuckle and slow down the entire group which are waiting to hit it. He is displeased so he catches up to the skiing fag, pushes him over, and screams
"Fuck you! You little snaker twat!"
by TangClock February 23, 2009
Someone who slithers in the long grass, and only emerges for self gratification and snake like behaviours.
Cotter pretended to be a phd student to snake a undergraduate into sexual behaviours.

The little snaker
by big lad 28 June 19, 2011
In Mario Kart DS, someone who uses Snaking to win in online or multiplayer matches.
That Snaker always beats me! It's like he's using a Mushroom through most of the track!
by Durango January 02, 2006
The background of the word snakers came from Canada. Part of the Biz Empire, it was primarly used as in modern terms as we use 'shit' today.
mike, 'biz'
james, 'snakers'
by Walperstyle April 25, 2005
a term used by old men, specifically with a Southern accent.

MEANS: sneakers
Sonny, would ya'llput on them SNAKERS.
by gillibeanz November 02, 2011
someone that plays the classic game of snake (snake eating food growing larger, avoids walls, and itself)
Im such a snaker, I love playing this game.
by aliicekaii December 07, 2010
premature ejaculator
that little kid is such a pervert... hes probably a snaker
by gene April 16, 2004
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