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A gathering of easy middle aged women or drunk college girls at any location serving alcohol.
"Dan get in the truck. Lets go down to the snake pit and find a bitch to fuck the gay out of you."
by Bitch Nasty January 01, 2013
A popular game played by party goers across the world. One woman gets naked, kneels in the centre of a circle and plays with herself while any number of men (depending of the number of participants) slaps her in the noggin' with their soft cocks. If you crack a stag then you're out! This continues until only one soft cock remains who gets to root the woman. (viagra is usually available in case he can't get it up at all)
I was at a friends house last night and we had a great game of Snake Pit. I didn't win cause I stagged it up early right in the chicks face. Nick won in the end, he's the local Snake Pit champion, he's got the softest cock in the west.
by bobby rooney May 23, 2008
When a girl has two or more dicks in her at once
...dude your girl friend sure does like dick. Yeah she's a regular snake pit.
by Mr. Trout March 08, 2004
Slash's band after GnR just as good mayby even better.
axl rose is a prick
by mouth for war February 18, 2004
a place that is too dangerous to visit or live in.
The house is a snakepit; it could cave in anytime.
by uttam maharjan March 12, 2010
A girl or girlfreind who brings nothing but agony or pain into a realationship, often corrupting said boyfreind turning him away from his freinds and makeing his life revole around her.
Stay far away from that girl, I'm warning you, she's a snakepit.
by presario69 June 08, 2010
When you defecate in a toilet, and are surprised by the volume of faeces you see when you look down.
A specific example of this is when you have a perceptively sudden and strong buildup of excrement and do not expect the substantial volume and number of faeces you find. The sight of your creation resembles a snake-pit.
Holy crap Louis, I just made a snake-pit in there. I should have taken my camera-phone in there!
by spankey666 February 12, 2012
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