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'So watchya doin' Says the beaver
'Just snagllin' says my cousin

Snagllin is another word for dilly dallying, you could be snagllin with your phone (adding contacts, looking through pictures, doing random things) Snagllin through the t.v guide (searching it, clicking this and that, reading random or not-so-random things) Snagllin with your brother (you know, just, snagllin) Doing whatever you wish.
Snagllin is used when whatever you are doing cannot be summed up in just one verb.

'What are you doing?' says my friends mother
'Just snagllin at the park' I say (Going on the swings, the track, rolling around in the grass, different things)

by Mynameis123witha758 July 14, 2011
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