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Snagapus (snag-a-puss): one being caught, entangled, entrapment, confined, detained, locked, restricted to and hopelessly ensnarled by the pubic hairs to the nappy unkempted sweaty green-liquid emitting pubes of an ugly womans mangina after a very very horny drunken hump session.
Guy1: MAN! dont EVER drink shampipple when you are already horny and need something to hump!

Guy2: Why? what happened?

Guy 1: Dude i drank a whole 42oz while i was whackn, then next thang I know i woke sreamn mercy!!

Guy 2: WHYY!

Guy 1: Maaaan, i woke up humpn Nasty Nina! then tried to get away and my pubes and bawls got all snagged up into her infested puss hairs.

Guy 2: Dang man! that shit's leechie! dont you know not to hit that!? NEVER ever ever hump a "SnagaPus"!!
by good thang man March 03, 2011
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