sensitive new age fag
that snaf with the blonde tips is giving me the eye
by claytuka January 21, 2010
Top Definition
The word "fans" spelled backwards. Snaf are fans who are really the "shit". Better, louder more intense than typical fans, snaf will really go the extra mile for the their STAR.
Yo dude you must be the real deal 'cause you have the best snaf in town.
by Big_snaf March 30, 2011
sub normal and fucking useless
you snaf. u uber big snaf
by william June 29, 2004
S Something
N Normal
A And
F Fucking
S Stupid

An acronym for the complete opposite of a GREB. The young folk in your town who dress in designer clothes or tracksuits and just happen to be as dumb as fuck. CHAVS that mess up your skate spot by smashing and wrecking all around them.
Dude look at the CHAVS under the bridge.
Yeah man a shit load of SNAFS
by SKATER FOR LIFE October 01, 2006
A better, more playful word to replace "Shit" or "stuff."
"I don't get down with that snaf, yo."
"I was going to the store and snaf and then I realized I had no money which is bullsnaf, man."
by lovesartifice September 23, 2005
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