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The best of the best when it comes to snacks; snacks that you prefer over all other snacks.
Snacker 1: Dude do you want some potato chips?
Snacker 2: No, I don't want a snack... I'd prefer some snackums, like chex mix.
by flaub October 18, 2011
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any kind of junk food that you eat past 12 o'clock at night because before that they are called just snacks.
dude im hungry as shit lets go get some snackums
by mike ock April 30, 2004
Not snacks. You know, snackums. Like, yum, let's all eat some snackums. Come over to my house for some snackums. Pringles. Those are snackums. But they aren't snacks. They're snackums. You know, snackums.
"We have all the plates, cups, and napkins, you just bring some snackums!"
by snackums2014 December 13, 2014

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