Getting absolutely dumpy see dumpy on only a miniaml amount of alcohol, usually only one to two beers. The snackpack at the party will be open game to jest and will be an open receptacle of deuces.

Julie took a shot of wine spritzer and got totally snack packed.

Price smelled alcohol and passed out. Price is a snack pack.

Kelly got snackpacked and Hamtpon and David took advantage of her being a deuce receptacle and took a double deuce in her single mouth.
by David and Hampton April 20, 2006
Top Definition
When you take the lid off of a snackpack of Pudding, and it has pudding on it. Then you hit someone with it.
I snackpacked John in the eye for calling my mom fat.
by jeffrey canzani May 09, 2005
When the lid of a snack pack is removed and slapped in the face of another.
Oh shit son, you got snack packed!
by Ipek May 30, 2005
Sexual act where you literally eat the shit outta someone's anus
Jim: I was just snack packed for the first time. Ber: that's gross! Who would be kinky enough to snack your pack!?!
by the ber queen July 04, 2013
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