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The little things you eat while trying to find a snack.
"What should I have for a snack?"

nom nom (snackitizer)
"Cereal? No..."

nom nom (snackitizer)
"Pretzels? No..."

nom nom (snackitizer)
#snack appetizer #snack dessert #second breakfast #breakfast dessert #lunch dessert #dessertitizer #midnight snackitizer
by gregwxy June 11, 2014
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The tiny snack or appitizer that one eats in hopes of avoiding a bigger, higher calorie snack.
I was starving so I had a piece of candy but it was only a snackitizer because I was still hungry and had to eat a granola bar.

John thinks that apple will be a snack, but it will just be a snackitizer because he can't stop grazing.
#snack #appitizer #granola #grazing #calorie
by Jlb2446 June 13, 2012
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