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When someone male/female decides to give blowies behind the dumpster for 50% off
Dude I was back behind Jimmy's and Brad is smurfin everyone up in here.
by jfs912 September 10, 2011
Blue balls.
dude i was with my girl last night. nothing happened so i was "Smurfin" as a mofo.
by ge_knee_us February 04, 2010
whilst cought in the act of bein faloniess becouse you've been puffin on the pookie pipe to long, your officially Smurfin!
Mom: hey johnny did you remember to... HAH what are you doing?
Johnny: shit mom i told you never to walk in my room without knockin!!
Mom: what the hell are you smoking?
...oh my god johnny are you Smurfin?
by sam boW August 24, 2006
Being very good looking
Wow she's smurfin'
by Xila-Ecellig Noryb-Htur December 21, 2010
A type of dance move, where you stand still your with arms crossed and just tap your foot to the beat.
My man was breakdancing] and I was straight smurfin'.
by Snackmaster March 25, 2006
Adj. - Cool, awesome, rad,
Dude, that's so smurfin'.
by Papa Smurf AxC September 12, 2005
while a chick is givin you blows you pull ur dick out of her mouth an slap/punch her in da face an then put your dick back in her mouth an make her carry on sucking
i smurfed that bitch in a fashion
by J May 04, 2005

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