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In the early 1970s a "Smoovey" was a term used by local Bikers (Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire) to describe someone wearing a certain type of fashion. A typical smoovey wore six button high waister flairs ox blood Doc Martins a smart shirt and a Levi denim jacket(Wrangler would do if you couldnt afford a Levi )
Sung in local discos by Smooveys at the time, to the Skinhead classic Liquidtor( in order to insult the local Bikers) was the imaginative chant of "Greebo Bast***ds Fu*k Off. Not to be outdone the Bikers replied in kind with Smoovey Bast** etc etc. Many fights followed...which was the general idea.
by Oldskinhead July 15, 2010

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