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Verb, Adverb, Noun. Smoothd tuh-geth -er , First known origin was the DC area before being used in Wayne County Michigan.

1. The absence of movement or life.
2. A Peace or Calm after a slow or sudden event.
3. When Something, Someone, event, or plan works with ease.
-That punch connected bro. He got smoothed together in the third round!

-Person 1 What happened to her at the party, too many drinks?

-Person 2 "Idk, but she got smoothed together! She couldn't stand!"

-Homicides went up in the city. Cats are getting smoothed together.

-Person 1 What's the plan later, do we have tickets?

-Person 2 "Already got tickets! We smoothed together!"
by DontBeThatGuy January 04, 2013
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