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An accumulation of excessive semi-dried nasal mucus (boogers) as a result of breathing pollution (e.g. smog).
Damn, the smog in Mexico City causes some wicked smoogers.
by Cooperrrrrrrr November 15, 2008
The disgusting droplet of goo that forms at the end of a dog's penis; combination of the words "smegma" and "booger"; Also, any form of wiener by-product resulting from poor hygeine
Eww, Fido, lick that smooger off before it gets on the furniture.

Dude, you better wash yourself before you end up with a smooger.

You left a smooger on the sheets. Go take a shower.
by jaymeez January 07, 2012
A washed up girls whose curtains are overused and smell of rotting fish falling out of a waist dump.

(Variation: Smoodger)
Holy shit.....She is a Smooger!
by Tom Khan August 08, 2006