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A smoking trick where a person expels an "O-shaped" ring of smoke from the mouth. Smoke rings can be formed using a variety of techniques involving controlled muscle movements in the air passages to produce the effect. Typically, a circular opening of the mouth is made and the smoke is pushed through the opening with a gentle exhaling puff made by quick movements of the toungue and throat. Rings can also be made by taking smoke into the mouth, forming a small "O" with the lips and then gently tapping on one's cheek. Blowing smoke rings usually takes practice and the best technique varies from person to person.
I always thought smoking looked cool, remembering when I watched old cartoons when I was a kid and some cigar smoking character dipped his smoke ring into his coffee like a doughnut!
by Vegawrap January 22, 2009
The depth ring on your penis after receiving ass-to-mouth following dirty anal.
After I pulled out of her ass, she sucked me off and left a four-inch deep smoke ring on my shit-covered cock!
by JJRAMBAM July 30, 2016
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