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1. One who makes up a word when they can't think of a suitable one, or combines two or more words into a single word, or bastardises words: eg. occupated in place of occupied.

2. The ability to disbelieve anything quoted about yourself, even if it's been written down as you've said it.

3. the ability to consume vast quanities of food without throwing up.
so your order is: two 1/2lb burgers, two tortilla wraps, a 16" mexicano pizza, mixed kebab and a large fish...you're doing a sminja
by Lloth July 31, 2003
A person who against superior numbers always considers himself right .
"You've all misheard me" - Thats a Sminja
by Nodders July 28, 2003
The art of being able to create a character for an RPG using the most powerful skills and abilities form as many diverse sources as possible. That single character will then go on to become as powerfull as the rest of the group combined. Unfortunatly, random chance plays a strong part in the death of the character.
Youve got a 25 strength at 4th level. Youve been Sminjaring.
by Roy Random July 26, 2003