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A narcissistic idiot who can't believe they have not won a mix tape competition. A sMILOdon not only accuses the winner of cheating, but also has everyone he knows try to attack the quality of said winner's product...making himself look like a complete tool in the process.
Dude, come on...you're seriously being a sMILOdon right now and it is NOT cool...second place isn't the worst thing in the world, and you're coming off as a sore loser...
by Lebonesecat April 04, 2011
A woman so old that when she dates younger guys she qualifies more as a prehistoric cat than a cougar
Jake: I hear Joe is dating a cougar
Mike: Oh god no, his girlfriend is like 80, she's really more of a smilodon. Think there are paintings of that chick on cave walls
by Kitkat167 September 25, 2013
A large feline, colloquially known as the saber-toothed tiger.
Who needs a guard dog, if you have a pet smilodon
by Dragan Rankovic June 13, 2013