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(Also spelled "Smigit") Derogatory word for a person of middle-class and white in appearance, typically male. Suggests that that person is bound to head nowhere in life. Someone who is content with mediocrity.
Don't listen to that smiget, he hasn't done any of that stuff
by A. Wells October 25, 2010
A combination of a sumf and a miget or a small miget
Also a short person who acts like a douche-bag
"dude like at that Smiget he must be four inches tall!!!"
by Alastair Richards November 06, 2007
the little pepole or young pepole that are anoying and have nothing to do but anoy you

pleral: smigets or smigi
hay bob hay bob hay bob

that josh is such a smiget i gut whont to get ride of her
by amora September 23, 2009
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