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Another way to say cigarette.

especially useful to any group of people inebriated by psychedelics (particularly, a dangerous dosage of LSD and shrooms) due to the bursts of laughter in the tripper's friends generated by the utterance of this word, whether purposely or accidentally slurred.

smoke + cigarette
1: ok, ok... enough ripping on that ugly bitch, my sides hurt. i need a smigarette

2: (hysterical laughter)

1: what?

2: damn these must be some good mushrooms, 'cause i swear you just said 'smigarette'
by Wild Drunken Bill July 11, 2008
to smoke a cigarette
person a:Do you want to smigarette?
person b: I want just thinking about smoking!
by grusome twosome October 26, 2010