(1) sadtimes, woe :(
(2) when all other words fail/you wouldn't want to use them anyway for fear of giving too much away.
Girl meets boy who she possibly, might, maybe quite like and he shares his exciting 'I'm sailing off into the sunset for 6months' news.

- "smersh"
by thenormallychipperpipper April 03, 2008
Top Definition
To hug and squeeze someone with great affection or love, usually expressed verbally while doing so.
She ran up to her man, grabbed him and smershed him while exclaiming "SMERSH!" in an excited and earnest voice.
by Aserinuk April 13, 2013
(1) blah/whatever
(2) A derogotory term used when responding to someone who you really cant be arsed to talk to
i.e Ash: "Jennie, ive just completed guitar hero on medium!"
Jennie: "Smersh"
(3) Smershing(v) - Generally mooching around
Smershing(adj)- i.e, "you smershing twat"
(4) Smershed - Lazy/Tired/Fucked
I cant be smershed
Ive been smershing around all day
smersh off
by Brian Sykes/Jennie Kirby March 05, 2008
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