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When at a hot, crowded concert you take your sweaty t-shirt off and swing it around your head in an attempt to show enthusiasm for the music and it sends out a rank wave of BO to all innocent bystanders.
At Lollapalooza lots of hot, sweaty guys were smellycoptering at the Killers concert. Unfortunately some of them were so enthusiastic I got smellycoptered in the face.
#smellycoptering #smellycoptered #smellycopterlike #smellycopters #smellycopterer
by chilady August 10, 2009
To Fart in Bed with the Ceiling Fan on so everybody can enjoy the fruits of your Labour.
WTF? Dad just dropped a Smellycopter in his room and imma chewin on it out here brah.
#fart #stink #asscloud #poohwind #anus laughing
by Zeb VanZandt August 18, 2014
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