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A phenomena that occurs after coitus, when a mans penis becomes irregularly smelly from the sewer that is the vagina.

This phenomenon is very useful for the occasional party goer that drinks, or full blown alcoholics, in that the next morning when they can't remember last night, they can simply smell their dicks to tell if they fucked a girl the previous night.
Bruh, did I fuck anyone last night?

I dunno, smell yo dick to check.

Damn, I got smelly dick, it was probably that whore Kim.
by slippery slope February 19, 2015
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A term used to describe an 18 year old Italian young man named Luke who resides in Melbourne, Australia.
He, unfortunately, on occasions was crippled with the smelling sensation in his area.
"Can you wash your smelly dick. Last time it tasted like piss!"
"Bahahaha, ok babe. I'll bring chocolate body paint."
by EmDi September 28, 2008
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