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A smeleanor friend, is the fashionista of the group that everyone gets on with. She's small, but cool. And LOVES magazines!!!
Hey smeleanor! Are you reading yet ANOTHER magazine?!
by soapy17 October 16, 2010
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a common play on the name eleanor, often used to describe a heartless bitch who cant practice proper hygene. Smelle is a common variant.
Smeleanor doesnt care about anything--and she cant figure out where that awful fish stench is coming from (hint: its your dirty pussy)
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Term of endearment for, in all likelihood, the most amazingest girl in the world. Smeleanor is not only clever, witty and utterly addictive but astoundingly pretty too. The most offensive odour she possesses is that of coconut shampoo and Jean Paul Gaultier.

<3 Thank you <3
I love snuggling with Smeleanor because she's really friendly.
by JoJoYoYo November 03, 2005
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