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vagina, pussy, snatch, the one thing that women provide to men that is of any value without the existence of which every woman would be punched in the face before she could complete a sentence.
Greg: After this shot, let's go talk to these chicks, I could really go for some smashbox.
Cam: Those girls are busted.
Jody: That means they are more likely to let us pound their smashboxes later.
Cam: You're right, let's go
by chicsbeachbum May 22, 2012
a slut who is always getting fucked Smash ( fuck ) box (pussy)
I'd love to smash her box
by boogie January 07, 2004
To have sex with. It's pretty simple to interpret.
She's had a few coolers, it's time to smash box.
by supersmash December 07, 2007
a makeup brand, like MAC, it has the best color pigments..
and known for its dramatic look... with a rather playful, vamplike approach...
i love the smashbox look....
by imA.C May 23, 2007
A bachelor apartment utilized for fucking girls silly! Applies even more so to a studio apartment.
Yeah man last night I met this chick and I had get that ass. I brought her back to my smashbox and laid the pussy to rest.
by Panama_Kid April 01, 2012
To go hard at the terrain park, ie: boxes and rails while skiing or snowboarding.
Whoa did you see that guy smash box?
by Ibanthor May 02, 2010
a girl who puts out for anyone, pure dirt.
Alex: aye i wanna get with kristen?
Nate: man don't fuck with her shes a smashbox
by aa4life July 26, 2010