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To "Smash and Pass" is the process of meeting another person for the intent of having sex with. Soon after finishing, both people leave; usually to never talk again. The sole purpose of doing this is to try something new and achieve extreme pleasure while doing so for both partners.

A one night stand is the same meaning as Smashing and Passing but is the more popular of the definitions.
"The other night I met this chick over the internet. She wasn't amazingly hot but she was good enough to smash and pass."
by SuckiSuckiFiveDolla November 22, 2011
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To find someone who wants a serious relationship then have a one night stand and reject anything further. Also see Fuck and Chuck and Bang 'em and hang 'em
Person 1 "She's really into you"
Person 2 "Yeah but that's smash and pass material
by 0613340 November 26, 2014
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A game invented by bored high school age jews in USY with nothing better to do on the sabbath due to the prohibition against using electricity. The game consists of sitting in a circle and smashing fruit against one's own head, typically an apple, and then passing it to the next player. The player who breaks the fruit open on his or her own forehead wins, and starts the next round.

Commonly used fruit:

Not suggested:
Phil: Hey, want to play Smash and Pass tonight?
Jeremy: Not really. My head still hurts from last time.
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