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A person actively pretending to know what they or somebody else is talking about when in reality they have no idea what the fuck is going on, Therefore, fooling the general population into believing that they are smart when in actuality they are a dumbass.

People who are smartfounded also like to make things up that sound hi-tech and that they could be true in order to make others believe that they are smart, however, theese facts are completely wrong and no one should ever believe them

People should avoid theese types of people seing as after extensive scientific research and studies it has been been proven that spending time within the vacinity of theese people for extended periods of time can cause a decrease in IQ, as well as explosive diahreah, anal seepage, inflimation of the left nostril, and lung cancer. No known cure or cause has been found however, some believe it may be genetic.
Person 1: do you know how to do this chem shit?
Person 2: Somewhat
Person 1: hmmm ill ask Dan he seems to know whats going on
Person 2: no dont do that he's just smartfounded everything he says is completely wrong, plus, hes a douche bag
by Ohmagorsh June 04, 2009
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