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One or more individuals who REALLY control Urban Dictionary. Possessing special powers of judgement above and beyond those delegated to UD "editors."
Someone upstairs didn't like my Urban Dictionary submission.
The SMART PATROL <<CANCELLED>> my definition before it was even reviewed by UD editors !?! ........... NO SHIT !!

I'm SO misillusioned and rejectified !!
by Chengo Bolemongo October 05, 2006
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(n.) a collective name for bloggers, commentators, and other personages who comment on daily life, generally in a curmudgeonly fashion. Similar in nature to "the fashion police," but generally more related to the general status quo.
The smart patrol on "The Daily Show" really nailed the Vice President on his secrecy fetish with their segment "You Don't Know Dick."
by Jacques Treatment December 22, 2007
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