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A nonsensical dress code that people slap onto events, parties, and workplaces.

Completely down to interpretation; this always causes confusion and often spectacular results.

A mixture between smart and casual - should not be taken literally.
Andy- "What's the dress code tonight?"
Bob- "Smart Casual"
Andy- "Well what the hell does that mean?!"

Jim- "Hey, is Andy wearing jogging bottoms with that blazer?!"
Bob- "Yeah it's Smart Casual"
by confusedncold March 29, 2013
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Order of dress between Business Attire and Casual.

For men, this consists of a collared shirt with jacket without a tie. The pattern and colour of the jacket do not have to match with the pants.

For women, this order of dress offers a wide range of options. Skirt or pants are both fully acceptable. Jacket is optional.

Smart Casual is another way of saying no jeans and T-Shirt.

Wear business clothes in a relaxed fashion.
What are you wearing to the reception tomorrow night?

-Smart Casual

-Sounds good.
by F B May 25, 2008
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George: Hey, she wants me to dress "smart casual." What is that?

Jerry: I don't know, but you don't have it.
by chucho November 22, 2006
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attaire that can be worn to an art opening or to a sports bar.
Q: How should i dress for this event tonight?
A: I don't know, how about smart casual.
by Rachel Ernst February 20, 2006
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When a male or female takes part in sexual activity within a group of friends but does so in such a way that no one notices because of clever timing and casual body language.
"Where do you think Rob went while he strolled off in the park earlier?"

"He was probably fucking Rosie up that tree"
"Ahhhhh, Smart Casual"

"Why did it take the police so long to track down the rapist?"
"Because he's a Smart Casual rapist, get me?"
by Whutwhutwhut September 10, 2012
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