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1. Last resort weapon used in the Atari game "Defender" to destroy all aliens in sight.
2. A silent, but awful smelling fart dropped in a group of people with hopes of giving yourself some room, getting people to leave you alone, or just to make someone say, "oh my god, who did that?".
There were some girls blocking the bar and I dropped a smart bomb on them to get them to move. They moved.
by romeshow May 04, 2004
A grenade or a fat chick that goes to party just to attempt to hookup or dance with someone because they cant get any normally.
I know there was so many smartbombs there, it was gross!
by cpblast811 February 26, 2011
Noun. Euphemism referring to a pair of female breasts, which, once activated, can be pointed at a male target and zero in on his most vulnerable area, rendering it under the control of his attacker. (Not his brain.)
by Queen of the Smart bombs September 23, 2009
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