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Derived from the German Word "Schmarotzer" and appeared for the first time in Wollishofen , Switzerland
Originally used for a Freeloader

Can also be used as a verb for everthing
If you have par example a coke and the Smaroder notice it
It goes like this:
Smaroder: Is this Coke?
You: Yes
Smaroder: Is it good?
You: Yes
Smaroder: Can I get some?

ich bin dävo gsmarodet = i run away
ich han äs six-pack gsmarodet = i stole a six pack of beer
ich han ä Frau gsmarodet = i kissed / shaged a women
ich han im voll eis id d'fressi gsmarodet = i punched him right in to the face
by Smaroder October 06, 2005
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