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Smape (n.) A ape which by definition is smelly. Ex:Walker stop being a SMAPE and play Madden like a man. (one of the earliest known uses of smape)

Smape (v) To treat like a smelly ape would be treated. Ex: Dude stop trying to SMAPE me.

Smape (adv.) To act in a smelly apeish manner. Dude i didn't see you at the bar you must have SMAPEILY disappeared out the back door with some fat girl.
The word smape was recently coined by two bored guys in Northern Virginia but its roots go back to Africa. Apes in the wild of Africa have a tendency to throw feces at each other or urinate on each other so they start to smell quite foul. Due to this disgusting fact most apes in the Africa also are quite smelly hence the expression "smelly ape" came about. Well this term cannot be used in public since it might offend African Americans so Smape which is an amalgum of Smelly and ape was created. This word is very PC and rolls off the tongue quite nicely. This word has become quite popular as of late amoung certain groups and it has a universal appeal allowing it to be used as a noun, verb, adverb. The skies the limit. Below you will find some applications of the word smape.
by Mr Smape August 05, 2005
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A series of smacks. A combining of Smack and Rape.
Get outta here before I SMAPE yo' ass
by TheFuckingMoon December 28, 2014
An incident involving unwanted and unsolicited erotic attention from the opposite sex. Derived from the commonly acknowledged term smut-rape.
She was unfortunately the victim of smape. She was very sad after she was smaped. Noone likes to be smaped. Damn smapers. Smape is a crime.
by Rishi Warmington August 10, 2005
An ape with human like intelligence like the ones from planet of the apes.
you damn dirty smapes!
by mr fan-f**king-tastic July 14, 2011

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