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1. The joy of falling into debt in small increments.

2. A somewhat douchey attempt at a viral marketing campaign by VISA, involving created twitter accounts, urban dictionary entries, a "history of smallenfreuden" video, a creepy hockey commercial, and being generally pretentiously mysterious. The word is a loanword only insofar as VISA created it specifically for the campaign.
"What the hell is 'smallenfreuden'?"
by Nofuckingtablet May 13, 2013
Where Visa takes joy from seeing small businesses suffer from cashing in on the high credit card transaction fees compared to using debit. Eerily similar to the German word Schadenfreude, which is to is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.
I'm going to smallenfreuden that business so hard.
by AverageJoe79 June 21, 2013
An English/German loanword that literally means “the joy of small.”
John Smallenfreudened by starting his day with a great cup of coffee.
by Smallenfreudener May 06, 2013

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