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One of the most beautiful OO languages ever created. Runs in an image in a virtual machine and so, in some sense, has been running since its inception in the late 70s/early 80s.

Hands-down the most expressive OO language in existence - average internal method size as of 2007: 6.5-ish lines.
Best IDE: Cincom Smalltalk

Transcript show: 'Hello, world!'.
by ALPSMAC March 02, 2010
idle, relaxed conversation
This is no time for small talk. We have get the ingredients quickly.
by The Return of Light Joker March 24, 2011
A subforum of pbnation.com. It is sometimes called "the playground" by elder members.

also known as:
Those noobs in small talk sure are annoying little bitches.
by anonymous May 13, 2004
A polite way of saying sex.

A way of saying sex that sounds polite but insinuates really dirty, filthy sex.
Person 1) Where did you disappear to during the party last night?

Person 2) Oh, I just went and made small talk all night with that cute girl i met.

Person 1) NICE!
by dexteramphetamine March 19, 2009