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a significant amount of money, especially more than expected
Don't pay a small fortune for dietary supplements that fail to deliver.
by The Return of Light Joker September 03, 2009
An amount of money that is well beyond pocket change or what you'd normally spend on any one thing but isn't in the same league expense wise as a new car or house.

An example could be a new computer that you might need to save up for a while to afford.

Another example might be eating at a really expensive restaurant. It's not costing you the same amount as a new computer, but it's still far more expensive then a typical meal.
Look, I think we're going to have to choose somewhere less expensive to eat. I love the food there but it costs a small fortune.

Yes, I know I need a new video card but I can't afford the small fortune that a lot of the ones you're recommending cost.
by Optomist with experience January 15, 2009
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