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Reference to how small the city of Salisbury social community is. In other words everyone knows everyone else and nights out become repetitive because you never meet new people or go to new clubs/bars. Weekends become samey, dull and montonous.

This is made worse by the lack of alternative evening activities apart from clubbing/drinking.

The reference is not limited to weekends and clubbing. It may stem from the notion that Salisbury is 'a city amongst the countryside'. There are no nearby cities and therefore Salisbury is like a bubble because people rarely bother to travel elsewhere.

Small - lisbury

Spelt with one 'l' resembling the city name - Smalisbury
Do you want to go into town tonight ?

Nah mate, same people, same places every weekend. Fucking Smalisbury
by gp1v07 August 03, 2012

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