Top Definition
1) Noun. A walrus' vagina.

2) Adj. Of, or pertaining to a walrus' vagina

3) Adj. Having the apperance of a walrus' vagina.

4) Noun. A well-known Team Fortress 2 player that often makes crude sexual references and jokes at his ex-wife's expense.
1) (A man at the zoo) Dude, check out that smaggy box...

2) Dude, smell that in there? smells like some serious smaggy box.

3) Man, I went home with this chick last night, was goin great 'till the pants came off. Total smaggy box.

4) Smaggy Box - What's 5"2", 110 lbs, and has two black dicks in its mouth? Give up? My ex-wife.
by EllisWyatt October 22, 2010
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