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A combination between the words sad and mad. It is an extreme version of sadness or madness.

"I lost my homework. Now I am smad.
by Smad February 05, 2007
5 7
when you are both sad and mad at the same time.
ohh shnap, your mom sucked last night and that makes me smad.
by alyssa April 02, 2005
65 28
Suck My Ass Dumb Shit
#1. You can just go SMADS I'm not doing that

#2.SMADS that definetly is not cool
by jabooba November 23, 2008
41 11
the cross between sad and mad.
dude im so smad at you!
by your noses foots hands eye July 14, 2010
15 5
being simultaneously sad and mad.
when my boyfriend cheated on me i was sad and mad. I was smad!
by Kyle.Harlow March 22, 2010
8 2
Mispronunciation of the word mad.
"No, you just keep going Mr. Smad Smart alecs."
by DaveTheBrave101 January 01, 2009
29 23
smad: to be both simultaneously sad and mad at the same time.
dude, I'm fucking smad that so many other people entered "smad" on urban dictionary before me.
by chanimalcrackers August 11, 2012
2 0
Suck my Arab cock.
Zain: Yo, I can't go to the party
Dave: Bitch! Don't bail on me now
Zain: SMAD stupid fag! I am the Khassassin (see Khassassin)
by The Khassassin January 14, 2010
17 15