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When the urge to smack someone, particularly in a bar or social setting, becomes overwhelming to the point of having to control it.
Variation: Snack Attack: late night drunken snacking. Unlike Smack Attack, Snack Attack is commonly uncontrollable.
I'm surprised I didn't get kicked out of the bar last night for almost smacking that guy in the mouth. The Smack Attack was in full force!
by Rockalita September 26, 2008
A person you encounter whom is so irritating, you develop an insatiable urge to smack them uncontrollably with both hands at a rapid pace.
Dude! You spilled my soda! Chill out You Smack Attack!
by Rodericks July 10, 2008
The worst of something, opposite to Sparkarama. Usually refering to girls.

Created by OllieOC
Liam Chinese: 'Ollie, check out this girl she's really fit.'

OllieOC: 'Are you fucking kidding she's Smackattack'

Liam Chinese: 'Your right as usual.'

OllieOC: 'I Know.'
by OllieOC March 25, 2011
To be under fire or harassment from colleagues or friends, usually involving insults. A sustained verbal onslaught.
Shucks, my mum just gave me a 10-hour smackattack for not tidying my room.
by SuperMegaUberMike May 17, 2008
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