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Being a "Sm" is basically being awful at every game you play. This also includes swearing extensively while dying in a FPS. This is named after a particularly bad player at Halo 2, Halo 3, and Call of Duty 4.
WOW, you're just another Sm.
by Likwidddd March 08, 2008
7 44
The abbr. of Sado Masochism. A sexual act involving two or more participants whom having overwhelming amount of desire to either sexually torture others or be sexually tortured by others. Also associated with BDSM.
My friend had went to a SM party last night; that's why they stayed home today because it is a tiring activity.
by jongu January 27, 2004
580 252
Sex Machine (mostly used in chats)
- Hey, do you see Robin over there? He's a total sm.
by tingting44 November 04, 2010
135 82
a short version of sex machine
-Hey, do you see Robin over there? He's a total sm. Every cutie in the town has tried him.
by rainy day today November 05, 2010
139 90
Sleepy Mexican Syndrome

A diagnosis for excessive sleepiness at all hours of the day
I was so tired in class I feel like I have S.M.S
by The Worldwide Indian February 27, 2009
10 3
it is a prefix that you use to curse in school to not get in trouble
what the sm-uck (fuck) you sm-ushbag (dushbag)
by smack that all on the floor February 13, 2009
8 8
Stage manager (in a theatrical production).
Kate was the best SM so far this year.
by Margo Roth Spiegelman II May 02, 2010
38 57
a shortened version of the word "same"
u go the sm car as me
by siiiiiiimmmmmmmmooooooo February 12, 2007
25 50