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1. when the girl you actually like is unavailable, so you find a slut to take her place. From the words stut + substitute.

2. a school or other institution that prepares girls to become sluts. Also referred to as High School.
My girlfriend couldn't go to the prom, so I went with a slutsitute.

The only thing they seem to care about teaching us at school is how to have sex. It's just a slutstitute.
by theguywhowrotethis September 02, 2010

Slutstitue is an accepted denotative meaning of a sexually promiscuous woman that is known to be a dirty piarte hooker, yet still maintains a common placement among a group atmosphere.


Slut is a pejorative term for a sexually promiscuous person (usually females), more than is deemed socially acceptable.

The term is interchangeable with prostitute as this term denotes a person who engages in sex for money, or other services and companionships to which they find of value.

You want to get paid but you don't, it's a word that can be anything we want since it's drived names are slut = self defining and prostitute, which means getting paid for sexual favours so that makes a prostitute a slut.

Therefore we create a new word for prostitute and make it slutstitute.
Stop being such a slutstitute with everyone you know, we love you but do you have to bang everyone you dirty pirate hooker?

by LMT August 15, 2006
A prostitute who is also a slut in her free time.
"Cash is tight during the holidays so I'll have to slutstitute. After I prostitute during the day, I'll start slutting my ass out at night so we will have someplace to eat."
by Idiocracy December 06, 2012