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a whore, or someone that has sex for fun. cheats on people
Sara hamilton is a fuckin slut
by Alex Chen March 09, 2006
15 95
A type of girl who is worshiped by men all across the world better known as ishdar/paris/isis the love god whore
nothing makes a man more happy then meeting a slut who has great oral skills
paris hilton should be the love godess of our country and everyone should worship her
all my girlfriends have been sluts
by JENNY JAMES September 30, 2005
24 105
A human female that carelessly engages in an overabundance of casual sex, be it due to insecurities, abandonment issues, desire for attention, an overly healthy libido or addiction to drugs. Usually said female has no regards as to who the person she is sleeping with is sleeping with so on and so on.

Women argue that men can also be sluts and it's not fair to associate that label entirely with the female species. This is ridiculous as men gladly and clearly admit they love sex and are shameless about it while most women would have us believe that they are pure virtuous goddesses that can do no wrong. Hence, when a woman is as shameless as a guy with her libido, she IS a slut.

However there is more than one type of slut, contrary to what some of your readers would have us believe. I shall list them below.

Stacy sleeps with any guy who will give her attention, she does this because her father left when she was 10 and she has abandonment issues. She is a slut.

Quanisha sleeps with many men because she is addicted to crack cocaine. She doesn't use contraception and has 6 children who's nightly meal consists of ketchup and moldy bread. She is dying of AIDs but doesn't care as long as she get's her fix. She is also a slut.

Julie is a carefree partygirl in college who is "single", attractive and who likes to experiment. Although she is choosey about the physical appearance of her sex partners and careful about contraception she sleeps with at least 3 different guys each week. 3 of the guys she is currently having casual sex with are married and have familys of their own. Guess what? Slut!

That clear enough for ya Laura? JUDGED!
by EricCire. May 04, 2007
15 99
For guys, this person has sex with as many women as he can. He is a PIMP according to his friends and is probably very smooth and good at getting into a girl's pants. These men will usually lie, cheat, backstab, and say anything to sleep with women. Many of them have very large hunchbacks.

Females are most commonly called sluts. These women sleep with many different men and do not care whether these men give a fuck about them. They let themselves get used by guys they know are assholes and think other girls are insane if they think the guys you sleep with should care about you.
"Oh my god, Jamie is such a SLUT, he sleeps with all his "roommates" AND all his little "girlfriends"!!!!

"Yeah... but Kassie doesn't care, she's a SLUT too because she knows he's just using her.. and screws him anyway!!"
by gkennd February 22, 2007
3 88
A girl that wears skimpy clothes, Sex obsesive, and shows off their body.
example 1.
samantha: Halloween is the only time girls can dress up as sluts and not get called names for it

friend: I know!

Example 2: Paris hilton is such a slut!
by wolf_spirit December 22, 2006
9 96
when a skeezy coke whore fucks or wants to fuck every guy in woodbridge.
man. oh my fucking god that girl sarahrandolph is such a big ulgy slut.
by finnyface September 24, 2006
8 97
Slut is an acronym for sexually licentious usually two-timing
Two guys were having a pint whilst discussing a well known woman in the village. "She's a slut. She flies over to the Isle of Man at the weekends, sees your man there(you know, that millionaire fellow who lives on the island), has a couple of expensive holidays with him during the year too. She comes home on a Sunday and on Monday and Tuesday lives with a company director who comes over from London each week. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday she lives with that farmer up the road there. She also owns a house they are at the University there. When she is not here the farmer thinks she is with her kids. It is common knowledge to everyone but him what she is doing. No one dare tell the farmer. It would kill him. Ach that one is a slut all right".
by St. Ias December 13, 2005
15 104