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A woman used only for sex
Jackie is my slutpuppet.
by EC1 August 04, 2005
1. (noun) A person (generally a girl), who will do any slut-like act they are told to. They're called a slut puppet because of the way that you can completely control any sexual thing about them. Be wary of what you say around them.

2. (noun) A band: The Slut Puppets
Jeff: Man, did you meet Kara yet?
Joe: Yeah, I told her she could suck my balls and she literally did.
Jeff: I know, she'll do anything you tell her! She's such a slut puppet!

Jeff: Do you listen to The Slut Puppets?
Joe: Yeah, dude, they rock!
by rendezvous___ June 03, 2008
A girl you convince to fuck your friend
She's such a slut puppet, I talked her into fucking Larry
by Eddie O Spaghetti O November 01, 2009
Trashy woman who is more than willing to do anything their partner, or anyone who they find pleasing to their eye, wishes or enjoys no matter the cost.
That annoying kid in class who doesnt understand that the person they like wont go out with them so hes a slut puppet.
by SUcK$DI(kFOrCA$h May 03, 2015

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