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A woman used only for sex
Jackie is my slutpuppet.
by EC1 August 04, 2005
1. (noun) A person (generally a girl), who will do any slut-like act they are told to. They're called a slut puppet because of the way that you can completely control any sexual thing about them. Be wary of what you say around them.

2. (noun) A band: The Slut Puppets
Jeff: Man, did you meet Kara yet?
Joe: Yeah, I told her she could suck my balls and she literally did.
Jeff: I know, she'll do anything you tell her! She's such a slut puppet!

Jeff: Do you listen to The Slut Puppets?
Joe: Yeah, dude, they rock!
by rendezvous___ June 03, 2008
A girl you convince to fuck your friend
She's such a slut puppet, I talked her into fucking Larry
by Eddie and Tasha November 01, 2009