When something unspoiled begins to rot from within.

Symptoms include:
1. Bad Smell
2. Painful Urination
3. Open Sores
4. Lack of White Blood Cells
5. Smily Green Trails
6. Not so Fresh Feeling
7. Sphincterial/Vaginal/Urethral Lacerations

I.E.; "Wow, I think I've come down with a severe case of slutification!"

by Team Zombie Compound September 05, 2006
Top Definition
The process of a previously non-slutty girl turning into a slut, usually occuring within the first semester of college
"Dude my girlfriend wouldn't do me after a year, and now she has screwed like 4 guys since she dumped me at break"
"Talk about slutification"
by brokenhearted April 15, 2008

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