The thing you get when you leave a beer in the freezer too long. Because beer has alcohol and is under pressure it's freezing point is lowered from 32 to 22 degrees. So it can me left in the freezer for over twenty minutes with no problem. Creating a super cold beer.

But if you leave it too long and then try to drink it quickly then stop suddenly the release of CO2 gas drops the beer below it's freezing point and turns the rest of the beer in the can to slush.
"Aww Man...I got a Slusho."
by TZer0 October 11, 2012
Top Definition
Fictional Japanese drink made by a fictional company called Tagruato
Have a drink of Slusho
by zincrox December 13, 2007
Slusho! is the name of the world's most popular frozen drink!
"You Can't Drink Just Six!"
Slusho! = A Toxic Industry's Junk
by RasGold December 13, 2007
A yum type of drink, where, if you drink too much of it, you can explode, or your stomach bloats up. The secret ingredient in Slusho! is "Sea-Nectar"
"Slusho! You Can't Drink Just Six!"
"Slusho! We Got The Flavor!"
by My_Name_Is_Dan December 14, 2007
A drink that contains an ingredient from the bottom of the ocean that makes people turn into huge whales or lions.
My friend bought a Slusho at the store. Then he kept going back and buying more. He drank 7, and then turned into a huge lion.

"I saw it, it's a lion, it's huge!"

He must have drank Slusho.
by SmilingBounder December 16, 2007

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