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Its easy to recognize a slump bitch but sometimes they can be hard to describe so I've put together a list of characteristics that you can use to describe the slump bitches you see on a daily basis. If you can apply 2 or more of these to your daily life, you might be a slump bitch.

1. Have bad posture
2. Drag you heels when you walk
3. Wear sweats to subway
4. Are over weight
5. Still wear scrunchies
6. Sport the "socks n sandals" combo in public
7. Scratch you vagina in public
8. Shop at Wal-Mart 3+ times per week
9. Have pajamas on at 12 noon
10. Your "going out" clothes consist of baggy jeans and a t-shirt
11. On Jersey Shore you would be considered a "grenade"
12. Laundry is something you do less than 3 times per month.

*Remember a slump bitch has to have at least 2 of these qualities.

Most of the time slump bitches are girls but every once in a while you find a guy scratching his vagina in the frozen food section.

These are the main characteristics of a slump bitch. I'm sure there are many more. Please send your slump bitch characteristics to

Keep an eye out for a slump bitch near you!
Damn slump bitches always taking like 5 hours to slump across the street.
by M. Kay November 12, 2010
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