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something that's so horrifically overrated you cannot express just how underwhelmed with it you really are.
"You seen Ass Patrol 6? Shit's so slumdog."
by blushcakesteve October 16, 2009
A slum dweller.
A person who lives in a poor makeshift locality in extremely dirty conditions like a stray dog.
A person who lives in an overcrowded and poor area of a city in which the housing is unplanned.

1. That bastard slumdogs put a scratch on my BMW.
2. Every Slumdog dreams of becoming a millionaire; but destiny chose just one out of millions.
by Soohaib January 30, 2009
When your girl friend's brother is a noob and talks big game but cannot back it up.

This is also a term used for a person that tries to make you flinch and hits you for it anyways even if you didn't flinch...
T-Spence: I can take you, you're weak...

Biz: Whatever, you're a Slum Dog.
by Jizmo Beach June 15, 2010
A game similar to "Slugbug." Except instead of hitting your friend when spotting a volkswagon, you hit them when you see a person of Indian descent.
Ryan- "SLUMDOG!" *punches Guy*
Guy- "Ouch man! This is the last time I come to LAX with you."
Ryan- "You just need to keep your eyes peeled for those slumdogs."
by Slumdog_Champ May 15, 2010
To rawdog (have unprotected sex with) a woman and then throw her in the trash.
I slumdogged your mom last night.

My favorite part about slumdogging is watching the girl try to get out of the trashcan.
by camelz45 March 16, 2009
wearing a shitty outfit, but you still have money & youre still ballin

short for slumdog millionaire
"dude, you look like shit whats wrong?"

"oh nothin i'm just in my slumdog"
by Jesss & Jackie! January 25, 2009
not the best looking guy but has game and can get alot of girls
that guys a slumdog he gets baree gash doe
by J.D2009 February 04, 2009